Becoming Glitch ebook Launch

The ebook is now available on

12/10/20221 min read

This post is going to be short.

The ebook is out on!!!!!

Here is a direct link to it... ready?
This is the link

Amazon has a funny thing where they tend to list the date that the book was submitted to them even though they say it can take up to 3 days before they approve it and make it available to the public. So, if you're ever curious why Amazon lists the paperback as launching on 11/18/22 and the ebook (i.e. kindle edition) as 12/7/22 while I'm listing them as 11/21/22 and 12/10/22 respectively... there you go.
Something tells me that you're not losing sleep over this. Props.

Interested in a longer description of what the book is about?
Check out my Paperback Launch Announcement Blog Post which (along with the Afterword section at the end of the book) goes into more detail about what the book is about and where it comes from.

Have questions, comments, insights, etc.?
I would love to get a comment system up and running on this website where I could host discussions about the book. Until then feel free to shoot me a message at