My First Podcast Appearance is LIVE!

My guest appearance on Ali Cross's Write4Joy podcast is live and can be found on a number of different platforms

5/30/20241 min read

Hello Fearless readers!

Some of you may remember that I mentioned recording a podcast back in October.

Some of you may have wondered what happened to it.

To cut to the chase, it is out NOW, and you can view it on any number of different platforms: YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc. All you really have to do is search “ali cross daniel sayre podcast” and take your pick.

For the sake of simplicity, I’m posting a link to the YouTube version HERE (in big, bold letters).

OR you can just click the image below.

A couple of things:

-I met Ali Cross, who is a USA Today bestselling author, through an online conference somewhere in 2023.

-This is my first podcast appearance.

-I was nervous as heck beforehand to put my author-self out there in real time. One trait that I share with the main character of Becoming Glitch is that I am very capable of saying dumb stuff on the fly, and once that’s on the internet, well… it’s on the internet.

-But with that said, overcoming the fear of new things and just doing it ended up being a central point of our conversation. It was a conversation that got more thoughtful (especially starting around the 27 minute mark) than I had originally expected, and I’m that glad I showed up.

-Oh, and the climb up Mount Shasta that I mentioned around the 35 minute mark, that happened! My friend and I made it to the top! There’s more that I could say on that, but maybe it should be a separate post…

I hope you get the chance to listen on your favorite platform, and to drop a comment, both for my sake and for Ali’s.

In other news, book 2 is coming along. I have a bunch of feedback from test readers that I am still in the process of going through (there are lots of little things, but overall positive). I’m not sure yet what exactly that means for the publication date, but it is getting closer.

Stay tuned.