May 2024: What I've been up to

Some much delayed updates about what I've been up to, including the status of my next book!

5/6/20243 min read

Hello Fearless readers!

Has it been a horrendous while since my last blog post?


Are there reasons for that?

You bet.

Are they any good?

Here’s hoping.

Regardless, here is a snapshot of what I’ve been up to… aside from not posting on this blog.

Website and Newsletter:

I have sent out a number of newsletters since my last blog post. The trick, of course, is that if you’re not subscribed, you won’t know about them. The best remedy that I can recommend is subscribing (using the link on the bottom bar of any page on my website). 

Several changes happened with my website and newsletter provider, particularly in January and February that took my focus away from what I was posting for a while.

Thankfully those particular problems seem to be fixed now, but, to best stay in the loop, my recommendation would be to subscribe to my newsletter. 

Did I mention subscribing?

Alright, I’ll move on...

The Audiobook is OUT!

A healthy chunk of November and December was tied up working closely with my audiobook narrator, the hugely talented Ken Cromack. This culminated in the audiobook of Becoming Glitch being released on Amazon (/Audible) in January!

Ken is a friend of mine who had been taking voice acting classes long before I knew him. Because I know him personally, I was able to work more closely with him than the basic guidelines put in place by Amazon. It was extra work, but I think the quality shows in the recording. You can check out the Audible link here (no need to subscribe).

An added benefit was that I was able to meet up with Ken and record the Afterword with my own voice!

Here’s a picture of the two of us. I was being a bit of a dork at the moment, but, well, what’s new? 

I’ll add to that by saying a big THANK YOU to everyone who got the audiobook, even if you’d already read a printed version! Your support means a lot.

I’ll also add that Ken and I really appreciate any reviews, ratings, or recommendations that you can give the audiobook, as it makes it easier for other people to find, and helps both of us out quite a bit.

Book 2 is with test readers!

Yep, this is the big one.

I finished the second full draft of the sequel to Becoming Glitch in March!

Then I turned around and cranked through another quick draft. After that, I sent it out to a group of test readers to give me feedback. I am PSYCHED to hear what they have to say. 

I don’t want to reveal the title just yet, we’ll see if the test readers have anything to say about it first. What I will say is that the book is currently over 120,000 words, which is over ten thousand words longer than Becoming Glitch. It has familiar characters, it has new characters, and it has a lot going on. I can’t WAIT to share it with you, but for now, stay tuned.

Other Stuff:

I mentioned in my newsletter, but not yet on my blog, that Becoming Glitch won a cover contest on, and is being featured on the bottom of the front page of the website! (Thanks again to everyone who voted!)

In tandem with that, I redid the cover to feature the Finalist Award sticker from Readers’ Favorite, along with a new description and blurbs from several sources, such as Award Winning Author (and generally cool guy) Chris Tullbane. 

There is always more to say. I could talk about other books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, or things I’ve been working on behind the scenes. I got my name put on a patent application recently, and I climbed up to a frozen lake in the Rocky Mountains with my brother-in-law… feel free to message me ( or using the Contact tab on my website) if you want to hear more about either of those stories. 

Bonus points if you can guess where the thumbnail picture for this post was taken.

For now, I will say again, stay tuned.
There is more to come.