June 2024 Mexico and More Podcasts!

I've been recording more podcasts. Also, I'm back from Mexico! Let me tell you about it!

6/21/20242 min read

Hello Fearless readers!

I’m back from Mexico!

I probably could have led into that one a little bit more, couldn’t I?

Some years ago, my church partnered with an organization called Amor to build houses in Tijuana, Mexico for families in need.

These are not fancy houses mind you; these are simple homes built with hand tools in 5 days by volunteers of all ages and experience levels. The fact that this is an improvement over the family’s current living situation speaks to the scale of the need.

Sadly, between Covid, and the organizer running into some health issues, I hadn’t been on one of these trips for several years… until now!

So, why share this?

I hesitate to post stuff like this, partly because my default is to be a very private person, and partly because it can seem very much like ‘tooting my own horn.’ These trips aren’t meant to be about accolades or bragging rights. That became especially clear after meeting the family that received the house. So why talk about it?

Well, I hope that it serves as a reminder.

This trip reminded me how crazy blessed/ privileged I am to live where I do, and to have the opportunities that I have. I hope that sharing about it serves as a reminder that even when the WiFi is slow or if you’re having a bad day, there is still a lot to be thankful for.

I also hope that it serves as a reminder that even with all of the craziness going on in the world, there is a lot of good that you (/I / we) can do. Even if it doesn’t feel like much, there is something that you can do today that will make the day of someone around you.

This is the worksite when we started

Since I’m posting I will also mention that my second blog appearance just went live right as I was leaving on the trip. I joined Logan at his Sci-Fi Unchained channel to nerd out about my book, Star Wars, story writing, etc. I’m still learning how to podcast, but really appreciate him having me on.

You can listen to the podcast HERE (YouTube version) or by clicking the link above if you’re interested.

I also recorded another podcast and intend to share it once it goes live.

I’m still plugging away at book 2.



Me in front of the finished house

There are stories to tell and much more to be said, but for now, I’ll just say feel free to contact me at my author email (danielsayreauthor@gmail.com) if you want to hear (or say) more...

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