And we're off!

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11/19/20221 min read

gray spacecraft taking off during daytime
gray spacecraft taking off during daytime

That's right, if you're reading this it's because my website, has gone live!

What is this website you ask?

What an excellent question.

This website is meant primarily as a place for me to post news about my books and creative works.
My plan is to cover some of the more basic questions on the FAQ page on my website, and then post updates about things like, say, a new book format being published in individual blog posts like this one.

Depending on some time and functionality factors I’d also like for this website to be a place where I can also field questions and host discussions about my writing as well. Those features, however, are still very much a work in progress.

A few things to be aware of:

I am not a software engineer, nor have I created a website like this before. I expect that not everything will work perfectly on the first try, especially right after launch.

If you notice that something isn’t working, or if you have a comment or question that you’d rather not post on this site, you can send an email to my author address at

With that said I make no guarantees about what my response time will be at any given point or that my content will be 100% free of typos.

Thanks for taking the time to visit, please feel free to subscribe using the link at the bottom of the page, and I look forward to having more updates for you soon!


And we're off!